The Kioma car seat

May 29, 2017

Kioma calls itself the re-imagined infant car seat. It was designed from the ground up to be the safest infant car seat in the world. And the lightest. And the strongest. And the best looking. Here is what they did.

Safety - The Kioma Car Seat has achieved one of the best head injury criterions (a composite score of occupant head accelerations) the infant car seat market has ever seen. The unique handlebar acts as an anti rotation device in the event of a collision. It also helps protect your child outside of the car, from possible drops by a caregiver and it always stays in place, so injury from a moving bar never happens. The Kioma Car Seat features a new, proprietary foam formulation that is not only comfortable, but has rebound (meaning will 're-inflate' itself and be ready to absorb more energy almost instantaneously).

Function - Made from aerospace grade materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum, it's not only a great to carry but being so light helps in an accident as there is less inertia to change in the event of a sudden deceleration. This means more of the crash structure can be dedicated to slowly decelerating the child, instead of slowly decelerating the rest of the seat. The seat's lower weight also means less rotation in the event of a collision.

Handle - Kioma designed the position, and most importantly, the angle, of the handle and grips so that the weight of the car seat Kioma car seat transfers straight down through your arm. This, in conjunction with the seat's narrow width, means that you don't have to bend your torso or flex your arm while carrying the seat. Just let your arm dangle straight down, and the center of gravity of the seat will do the rest.

Other cool stuff - The bottom is made to rock a baby to sleep. It has removable, water-resistant upholstery. It holds a child up to 18 months old.

Coming in September. 

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