Qdos wins JPMA award for their Zero-Screw Furniture Anti-Tip Kit

June 05, 2017

Based on statistics from CPSC, every year about 25 kids die in furniture tip overs and another 32,000 need care in emergency rooms. All of this is totally preventable by simply securing all furniture to the walls. Nobody wants to screw into their furniture or walls, so Qdos developed the first of its kind Furniture Anti-Tip Kit that can be installed completely without screws.

The SecureHold™ adhesive holds the Furniture Plate to the furniture and the unique SecureHooks™ hold the wall bracket to a hollow drywall, completely without tools. . As for the final adjustment to secure the piece of furniture close to the wall, you simply pull the strap upwards until the slack is taken out, and the cam lock automatically secures the strap. Should items fall down behind the piece, you easily relax the strap, pull the furniture out, and then secure it again by pulling the strap upwards. 

While the Zero-Screw Furniture Anti-Tip Kit makes for an exceptionally easy installation, no drilling and no screws needed, parents will also appreciate that it is as easy to remove as to install. It is leaving minimal holes in the wall. The product is the result of a long period of Qdos collaborating with professional baby proofers. The focus has been on high quality, ease of use and safety for children. The kit secures dressers, book shelves and all other kind of pieces of furniture. Strong adhesive makes the install strong; holding the weight of over 150 lbs. This is stronger than the weight of two children climbing on the furniture at the same time.

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