Boon 2018

October 26, 2017

New stuff from Boon. First is the new cactus accessory for the Lawn called Poke, which holds both bottle and sippy cup parts to dry. It will in stores this December. 

Next is the Tripod formula dispenser, which holds formula for three 8 oz bottles. The legs are made to fit into narrow neck bottles and leaves no crevices for formula to get stuck in. This will be available in January. 

Growl is a teether made for little hands to hold. It has a dual hardness for multiple teething textures and is dishwasher safe. Available in January.

Snug straws will be sold in a six pack and will come with a cleaning brush (shown on the Lawn). They can fit into most sippy cups and have a spill proof valve. They work especially well with Boon's Snug lids. They just became available on

The new Jab toddler feeding utensils can also be seen on the Lawn. Their thick handles are easy for toddlers to grasp and are gentle on child’s gums. They help child transition to regular utensils and are omni-directional to help catch and grasp food. Available in January.

Forb has been updated to a new soap dispensing bottle brush. It dispenses soap with a simple squeeze now. The updated brush will be available in December.

New bath toys include Tubes, which are similar to the Pipes toy. They suction to the wall and can be used individually or together. Also new are the Spurts, which are interchangeable squirting bath toys. Both will be available in December.

Griffle is the new bath mat. The main difference between it and the Ripple is that Griffle is extra large at 15.5”x 36.5”. Also available in December.

Last are Boon's new bottles. Not much known about these yet and no release date has been given. We will likely see and hear more about them next year. 

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