Happy Festivus!

December 23, 2017

Since today is Festivus, I have decided to post an Airing of Grievances I currently have with the baby product industry. (Disclaimer: Don't take this too seriously).

First, the closing of retail stores. 2017 totally sucked with that. So many great shops gone, but especially Giggle which I very much loved. I miss unique stores and I'm not happy with the current trend of ordering everything on Amazon (even though I do like Amazon, just not for everything).

Second, no new stores opening. I totally get why, but I want unique selections and products specific to certain places. In the past when stores closed, I always knew that new ones would eventually replace them. Not anymore.

Third, people who use actual stores to get ideas for their Amazon wish list. You are a problem and I don't like you. I'm sure you don't care, but I'm airing it none the less.

Fourth, people who don't follow me back on social media even though I follow them and comment on their stuff and like everything they post. Also people who follow and unfollow, you stink too. And spam accounts that follow and get deleted the next day, you guys totally suck.

Fifth, people who hold their trade shows in the dead of winter in really cold places. You know who you are.

Sixth, people at trade shows who won't let me take pictures of the new products. You ruin my day with that.

Seventh, a lack of BuyBuyBaby in my city. I'm not sure why they don't like my city, but they just won't build one here. Why? What did you do to you? The Bed Bath and Beyonds here are always packed.

Eighth, companies and pr people who spam my email with mass mailings and the subject has nothing to do with baby gear or anything I write about. Why? You are wasting your time. I'm not going to write about it.

Ninth, people who post pictures of cute products and don't say what the brand is. Then I have to spend all day searching. 

I'm stopping at nine because it's my favorite number. But that about sums up my grievances. 

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