MUtable – The All-in-one Children Play Table

February 05, 2019

If you are thinking of getting a play table, you should know about MUtable. It's about to be released at the end of March here in the USA and it is one of the most unique play tables I have ever seen. 

Designed in Italy, MUtable is the design-oriented alternative to your child’s everyday play table, but paired with the flexibility and durability of a table that will last your family for years. Children from ages 1-8 can use it and it grows with your child, as both the table and chairs have 4 different height options enabled by easily switching the table’s legs.

Now the cool thing about this table is obviously the fact that you can switch out different play boards on. There is a chalk board, a white board, a puzzle board, a Lego base, a Duplo base, a city landscape and a world landscape for toy cars and people. And that's just what is included! Yes, it comes with 4 double-sided play boards that stack on top of each other. There are other play boards available, like a play dough board, a doll house, a Lego tower and a train set. But you get the first 8 with purchase.

Also included is the toy storage bag, with attaches to the center of the board and kids can drop toys in there for easy cleanup. 

You can pre-order the white and gray now in the USA on MUtable's website, with expected shipping in March.

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