Skip Hop at JPMA - Part 2

April 24, 2019

Sloths are taking over the baby world! Skip Hop will introduce a new Sloth gym and coordinating toys this July on Amazon. They will be in all stores this October.

Avocados are also really in right now and Skip Hop will introduce the new Rock-A-Mole Guitar this summer. Features 6 songs, 10 guitar riffs and it also lights up.

This got the most attention at the booth! The new Selfie Phone lights up with face filters similar to snap chat. Baby can see themselves as a cat or in glasses. It also plays 6 songs and melodies, and will be out this Fall. 

There is a new shape sorter toy and this time it is a Yeti. This is a prototype and the blocks will actually be soft colored plastic. But basically you put them into the spots they go in and the Yeti lights up and moves around. It will be out at the end of the year.

Two new Zoo animals: Narwhal and Dragon are coming in June.

A new Zoo scooter is coming. It starts off life as a push toy for toddlers, then turns into a ride on toy and finally becomes a child's scooter.

A whole new feeding line is coming in July. This new line is available in 3 colors and features spoons, frozen food contains, feeding bowls and a fresh food press.

And last is the highchair. This is also a prototype and the real thing will be made of different materials. It features an infant mode with insert, a tray that can be pulled right onto the table, it fold flat and when your baby outgrows it, it becomes a step stool. Also coming in July.

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