Cybex LEMO highchair review

May 04, 2019

LEMO stands for LEss is MOre. And less is more with this highchair. The Cybex LEMO grows with your child from birth and until adulthood. No need to buy a highchair, a newborn insert for said highchair, a toddler booster and then a big kid chair. This does it all. And everything on it (footrest, seat height, depth of the seat) can be adjusted with one hand. No need get the tools out again. 

In fact you don't really need many tools to begin with. There are 4 screws total and it takes maybe 4-5 minutes tops to put it together. This was one of the simplest baby products I ever put together. That in part is because it's not a giant bulky mess like most baby products, especially highchairs, can be. It has a sleek and simple look.

Here is the full view of it. As you can see, it's not a huge space taker. It doesn't fold up, but it also doesn't take more space than your average kitchen chair. 

Don't let the size fool you though. This highchair can be used for quite some time in highchair mode before becoming a chair. Check out our 3-year-old product tester. She loved the chair! It has a great backrest with that supports any size. The ergonomic design of the chair is great.

You can buy the Cybex Lemo online now. The bouncer attachment is sold separately. 

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