The Kiddy USA Evolution Pro 2 Infant Car Seat

June 30, 2017

European brand Kiddy USA will finally hit the actual USA this fall. One of the first products coming over is the Evolution Pro 2 infant car seat, the only infant car seat that reclines both in and out of the car. The tested and patented technology by Kiddy was specially developed for the needs of newborns and premature infants.

Since their neck muscles are not fully developed yet, the head can easily tip to the front while sleeping, which can lead to breathing problems and potentially to lower oxygen saturation. This can be prevented by a flatter lying angle. The slatted frame also absorbs the energy in the event of an accident or uneven roads and protects the sensitive spine of the baby.

It's easy to move from the seat from one angle to the next, with just the turn of a handle. And the lie flat position outside of the car also makes it a great alternative to a carrycot. Besides their own Kiddy USA EvoStar1 Stroller (which will come to the USA this fall as well) you can also use it with any Maxi Cosi adapters.

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