Safety 1st Review

July 05, 2017

Everyone needs baby safety products in their homes, but not all are created equal. Here are three we really love. First, the Safety 1st OutSmart™ Outlet Shield. The OutSmart line is Safety 1st's newest safety line, built to literally outsmart small children who are pretty good at pulling out plugs, climbing gates and other exciting unsafe activities.

This outlet cover offers now way to pull it out. No holes, no plugs, nothing. The innovative design that fully covers unused outlets. The decoy panel blends into the surrounding wall. They can even be painted to match the wall. Best of all: no tools required. 

Another great OutSmart product is the Safety 1st OutSmart™ Knob Covers, with its deceptive little decoy button the front there. Kids think pushing that button will open the door, but it won't. The actual button to open the door is secretly hidden except to the adult that installed it. And it installs very, very easily. Literally snaps right on and off.

The Ready to Install Everywhere Gate from Safety 1st is an awesome gate. First of all, it comes totally installed and ready to just put up. No special pieces or anything like that. No drill required. 

So what do they means by "everywhere"? It means you can put the gate anywhere in your house, including stairs. The no trip design is perfect for stairways, even the top. And as you can see, it's very sturdy. A child can lift themselves up and pull on it all they want.

But it is very easy for an adult to open with one hand and walk through. Nothing at the bottom to trip on either, so it's both kid and pet friendly.

Fits any space 29"– 42" wide. 

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  1. These accessories are essential for baby safety. I would also include end guards for tables. These ends can be sharp and hurt children. Another idea has to do with baby clothes. Some clothes have loose parts. I already bought clothes with pieces pinned to them - this should be forbidden! In my own factory of children's dresses for birthday - - all the pieces are fixed with strong seams. Parents need to take care of their children's safety.

    Ana Paula