Veer Cruiser now available

November 10, 2017

Now available: The Veer Cruiser wagon, the only wagon you can attach a carseat to and much more. The Cruiser has the feel, functionality and safety of a premium stroller combined with the fun of a rugged wagon.

How is it like a stroller? The Cruiser has several stages. It can be used as a pram with a bassinet attachment for sleeping. It an be used as a travel system with a carseat attached (with enough room for a second child). It can accommodate two children and a large snack tray, and even has a special toddler seat attachment sold separately for babies who are typically to young to sit in wagons. 

Lots of fun accessorizes too. The cruiser can hold up to six cup holders (it comes with two and the snack tray), there's a large shopping bag attachment, a travel bag and a larger retractable canopy.  

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