Nanit Introduces Breathing Wear

January 09, 2019

Nanit, creators of the most advanced smart baby monitor and sleep tracker ever developed for the nursery, today announced its newest monitoring solution for parents – Breathing Wear . Designed exclusively to work with Nanit’s award-winning Nanit Plus nursery camera, parents and caregivers can now monitor their baby’s breathing motion in real-time without putting sensors on their skin or in their crib.

“Nanit is the only monitoring solution that puts your Baby’s sleep development in your hands,” said Nanit co-founder & CEO Dr. Assaf Glazer. “We are excited to introduce Breathing Wear at CES, as it helps provide parents with a complete picture of their baby’s night and gives them the confidence and assurance they need when they put their baby into the crib.”

Nanit’s HD camera uses computer vision technology and a bird’s-eye view to see everything that happens in and around the crib. The camera’s advanced sensors see motion down to the pixel level, to help parents track and understand their baby’s sleep patterns and progress. Now, with the introduction of Breathing Wear, Nanit can monitor a baby’s breathing motion simply by reading the patterns on the fabric of a Nanit Swaddle or Breathing Band. The specific shapes, colors and ink on the fabric were scientifically engineered to be read by the Nanit camera from any angle. 

Unlike other products where you put actual electronic devices on a baby’s skin, Breathing Wear is a much more natural solution, as there are no sensors or awkward wearables to disrupt their comfort. Simply wrap your baby in a Breathing Band or Nanit Swaddle, tap your baby on the screen in the Nanit app, and Nanit will track your baby’s breathing motion as well as their sleep. For added peace of mind and security, Nanit provides real-time alerts to notify users if no breathing motion is detected.

"Nanit is a team of PhD's who developed a system to help babies sleep more successfully. Moving beyond the camera, they can now have a comprehensive system help monitor the health and well-being. If future systems aren't fully integrated like Nanit, they simply won't exist,” said Mark Suster, Managing Partner at Upfront Ventures and the first major investor in the company. 

Erel Margalit, Chairman & Founder of JVP and Nanit’s newest investor added, “Nanit’s new development places the company at the forefront of the next global tech revolution: an ultimate device, which evaluates and gives indications on both the baby’s breathing patterns and the quality of their sleep.”

Nanit’s Breathing Wear line initially includes a proprietary “Breathing Band” or a Nanit Swaddle, which are made of 100% cotton and are available in multiple colors including pebble grey, marshmallow white, and mint green. Sizes range from birth to 24 months.

In March 2019, Breathing Wear will be available on in single-packs and 3-packs, starting as low as $25, followed by a roll-out into retail locations nationwide. The Nanit Complete Monitoring System will start at $379, and will include a Nanit Plus camera, a small Nanit Swaddle and Breathing Band, a mounting system of your choice, travel stand and a 1-year subscription to the Nanit Insights service for in-depth sleep tracking and analysis.

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