New Diaper Genie Quick Caddy

May 03, 2019

Another new product from JPMA. The Diaper Genie Quick Caddy combines two things needed for changing: a diaper pail and a storage unit for wipes, lotions, diapers, etc. all in one easily portable item. There is actually a handle on top of it, but it was folded down in the photo. You can carry it from room to room and even in the car.

You can store about a day’s worth of diapers (8-10 newborn-sized diapers) in the Quick Caddy, which uses an innovative clamp and Diaper Genie's standard 7-layer Odor Lock refill bags to help prevent diaper odors from escaping. You can empty it from a door in the back, same as regular Diaper Genie.

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