New Clek Liingo

April 23, 2020

Meet the new Clek Liingo Car Seat, North America’s first and only baseless infant car seat.

Liingo eliminates the base entirely, while maintaining the leading safety performance that Clek car seats have always been known for. Like Liing, it’s designed for installation using the European belt path method (in which the vehicle seat belt wraps around the back of the carrier). The European belt path allows for a more secure installation than the traditional American belt path and decreases the crash forces on a baby’s head and neck.

And it's a great option for those living a car-free life. From taxis, to transit, to strollers, the Liingo is built to keep your newborn safe on-the-go, without the need for a heavy, impractical base. Plus, the Liingo uses almost half the amount of plastic and steel – baseless is wasteless.

Coming in June.

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