Cybex introduces sport collection

May 17, 2021

Cybex has introduced introduced a spectacular new category of Sport products innovated by former professional athlete and Founder Martin Pos. The first-of-its-kind, multi-functional "4-In-1" strollers are custom designed for running, cycling, cross-country skiing and more.

The revolutionary, award-winning designs include the, Zeno which offers "hands-free" technology, along with the "ultra-lightweight" Avi. Both have the distinctive Cybex head-turning design, as noted by the prestigious Red Dot Award honor, fitness with style has simply never looked better!

The Avi  (top)  is the ultimate lightweight running machine for athletes with the highest expectations towards low weight and performance. This streamlined and compact-folding stroller has been especially designed for excellent running performance on city or coastal running grounds.

The Zeno (bottom)  is a "4-In-1" running, cycling and cross-country skiing, multisport stroller. Experience a morning run with friends along the beach with a brand new, revolutionary "hands-free" mode, or opt for a conventional and smooth "push" mode. Cycle for hours by a sun-drenched coast in the summer or enjoy the beauty of a cross-country ski trail in the crisp winter snow.

Available now.

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