New Cybex Sport Strollers

October 22, 2021

Two new jogger strollers from Cybex!

Designed for jogging, cycling, or other activities with your child, the Cybex Zeno Trailer Stroller (top) has a compact frame and is streamlined for superb outdoor performance. Air-filled tires make each ride incredibly smooth along with soft rear suspension. It features a 4-in-1 streamlined design for jogging, cycling, cross-country skiing, and even hands-free running.

Designed for all your future runs with your child, the Cybex Avi Jogging Stroller (bottom) is lightweight and streamlined for excellent running performance in urban streets and leafy parks. Stay on track with the Avi’s lightweight aluminum frame, 20” rear wheels and a front wheel that’s fixed for extra stability. The jogging stroller is also designed to allow a full range of motion for your stride so you can enjoy the best running experience.


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