Uppababy introduces Jade Rabbit

January 10, 2023


UPPAbaby’s newest Jade Rabit fashion celebrates the 2023 Lunar New Year — the Year of the Rabbit!

Jade is inspired by the tale of the Jade Rabbit, a character from Chinese folklore, who lives on the moon with the alluring goddess Chang’e. Legend states that Chang’e flew to the moon in a moment of desperation with only her loyal companion, Jade Rabbit. It is said that if you look up at the full moon, you can still see the silhouette of a rabbit working alongside her. The rabbit’s fur glows with such radiance that it appears just like precious, beautiful Jade.

Traditionally, Jade ties people back to their ancestors and helps create meaningful connections with families, traditions, and cultures. It is a popular gift during this time, as it is said to promote hope, luck, and new beginnings.

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